Professional Development Programs

Open-enrolment or Custom for your organization!

Project Management for Biomedical Device Development

September 2022

This micro-credential will provide learners with the knowledge and skills in the practical aspects of biomedical device development. Students will gain industry-relevant training in project planning and economic management, intellectual property and regulatory frameworks, and effective and inclusive communication.

Masters Certificate in Project Management

October 2022

An in-depth education in everything you need to be a successful project manager, delivered in 2 or 3 day modules (18 days over 5 months) every second week to fit your busy life…

Elevated Project Management : Scope, Risk and Cost Management

October 2022

This course is designed to take students beyond the basic Scope, Risk and Cost Management tools and techniques. Assumes participants have prior experience and a fundamental understanding of project management (and some prior training), this course will elevate your project management capabilities.

Introduction to Project Management

November 2022

This workshop provides practical and effective management techniques to manage projects well. The course is interactive, including small group exercises, large group discussions, and instructor facilitation. You will be able to practice what you learn and apply the concepts right away on an in course project!

Introduction to Agile Project Management

May 2023

This course is designed to give project managers and project team members the essential tools they need to deliver successful projects using Agile & Scrum techniques. Over two days, students will be introduced to the Scrum project life cycle, key project roles, and specific Scrum events and Artifacts such as User Stories, Acceptance Criteria, and Sprints.

Intermediate Agile Project Management

June 2023

Building on the core concepts of Introduction to Agile Project Management, this second phase of our Agile programming focuses on the role of the Product Owner and the specific Scrum Artifacts and Events that are used to manage the development of a Product or Project.