Professional Development Programs

Open-enrolment or Custom for your organization!

Project Management Elevated: Scope, Risk and Cost Management

March 2021

This course is designed to take students beyond the basic Scope, Cost and Risk Management tools and techniques. Built under the assumption that participants have prior experience and a fundamental understanding of project management (and some prior training) it will introduce students with the next step in their understanding of these concepts and the next step in their career.

Introduction to Project Management

April 2021

This workshop provides practical and effective management techniques for the successful project manager. The delivery is interactive, including small group exercises, large group discussions, and instructor facilitation. You will be able to practice what you learn on a project of your choosing from your work and apply the concepts the very next day!

Facilitative Leadership

April 2021 and October 2021

Today’s managers must network, coach, partner and inspire individuals to work toward intangibles like learning… continuous improvement… and excellence…

Leading the Sustainability Transformation

April. 2021

Profit or Planet? In critical business decisions, how do you choose? With the right skills and experience, you won’t have to. Our simulation-based program lets you practice what you learn in a realistic environment, alongside teammates from around the world.

Introduction to Agile Project Management

May 2021

The course introduces students to the Scrum project life cycle, key project roles, and specific Scrum events and Artifacts such as User Stories, Acceptance Criteria, and Sprints. This 1-day course is designed to give new digital project managers, experienced non-digital project managers, and project team members the essential tools they need to deliver successful projects using Agile & Scrum techniques.

Influence and Stakeholder Management

May 2021

This workshop is designed to teach participants about stakeholder management and methods to meet or exceed stakeholder expectations. Designed for a very diverse audience, we use examples and case studies relatable for everyone in the room and actively welcome questions and examples from participants experience.

Intermediate Agile Project Management

June 2021!

Building on the core concepts of Introduction to Agile Project Management, this second phase of our Agile programming focuses on the role of the Product Owner and the specific Scrum Artifacts and Events that are used to manage the development of a Product or Project.

Leading Beyond Projects

June 2021!

Learn the three critical skills that will allow you to leverage your PM experience and prepare you for a move into senior leadership within your industry or elsewhere.

Masters Certificate in Project Management

October 2021

An in-depth education in everything you need to be a successful project manager, delivered in 2 or 3 day modules (18 days over 5 months) every second week to fit your busy life…