Learn the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing Bootcamp, in partnership with Alacrity Canada, is taught by expert mentors and gives you the skills you need to succeed. This comprehensive program is designed to empower students with expertise in various aspects of digital marketing, including search engine marketing, social media, and content marketing. The bootcamp is taught by expert mentors who offer guidance and insights into the latest strategies and practices in the industry.

The Digital Marketing Bootcamp is an immersive online training program developed to help entrepreneurs and emerging marketers master the fundamentals of digital marketing. With 40+ hours of course content and a focus on actionable marketing strategies, this bootcamp equips you with the skills needed to build your brand, optimize your website, create an effective, winning digital marketing strategy, master online and social media advertising, generate leads, acquire customers, scale revenue, and more.

What you will learn:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Branding
  • Websites & Landing Pages
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Podcasting

This program that imparts the fundamentals of Digital Marketing addresses several key challenges and concerns:

1. Knowledge Gap: It bridges the knowledge gap by providing a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing principles, strategies, and tactics, empowering individuals to make informed decisions in the digital landscape.

2. Skill Development: It equips learners with practical skills, enabling them to create and execute effective digital marketing campaigns, thereby enhancing their employability and professional capabilities.

3. Market Relevance: Digital marketing is an integral component of modern business practices, and a course in this field ensures that individuals remain relevant and competitive in the rapidly evolving digital environment.

4. Cost-Effective Marketing: Understanding digital marketing methods allows optimization of marketing budgets and achieves better ROI, as compared to traditional marketing methods.

5. Targeted Audience Reach: Digital marketing offers the tools and techniques to reach a precisely targeted audience, reducing wastage of resources and enhancing the chances of engagement and conversion.

6. Measurement and Analytics: It empowers individuals and organizations to measure the impact of their marketing efforts through analytics and data-driven insights, facilitating data-informed decision-making.

7. Adaptation to Technological Advancements: Alacrity Academy’s Digital Marketing Bootcamp ensures that learners stay updated with the latest technological trends and platforms, allowing them to harness new opportunities as they emerge.

8. Entrepreneurial Opportunities: For aspiring entrepreneurs, digital marketing knowledge is invaluable in promoting and growing their start-ups efficiently and cost-effectively.

In summary, a course teaching the fundamentals of Digital Marketing addresses a range of contemporary challenges by providing the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the digital marketing landscape and achieve business and career goals. Please see the main content areas, as follows:

Unit 1- Intro to Digital Marketing
Unit 2 – Search Engine Optimization
Unit 3 – Content Strategies
Unit 4 – Google Ads
Unit 5 – Landing Pages, Google Analytics & Tag Manager
Unit 6 – Facebook Advertising
Unit 7 – lnstagram, Press Releases
Unit 8 – Conversion Rate Optimization, Affiliate & Influencer Marketing

Please contact eisted@uvic.ca for more detailed information on the syllabus for each topic.

The perfect target audience for  the Digital Marketing Bootcamp include:

1. Aspiring Marketers: Individuals who are new to the field of digital marketing and wish to
build a strong foundation in this area.

2. Small Business Owners: Small business owners looking to enhance their online presence,
reach a wider audience, and effectively promote their products or services in the digital space.

3. Marketing Enthusiasts: People with a keen interest in marketing who want to gain practical
skills and insights to pursue a career in digital marketing.

4. Career Changers: Professionals from different backgrounds seeking a transition into the
digital marketing field and who require the fundamental knowledge to start their new career

5. Freelancers: Freelancers or independent consultants looking to expand their service
offerings by adding digital marketing to their skill set.

6. Marketing Assistants and Coordinators: Entry-level marketing professionals who want to
solidify their understanding of digital marketing concepts and techniques.

7. Students and Recent Graduates: College or university students and recent graduates
interested in entering the marketing industry, looking to bolster their resume with digital
marketing expertise.

8. Small to Medium-Sized Business Team Members: Team members of smaller businesses
responsible for marketing efforts but lacking formal digital marketing training.

Course tuition for this course includes:

  • All  asynchronous content, course materials and certificate

Fee: $850.00


A full refund can be issued for written cancellations received a minimum of 21 days before the program start date. Cancellations received with less than 21 days’ notice will be refunded less a $200 administration fee.

The content for this program has been meticulously curated by a collective of 40+ industry experts.

Delivery is the form of pre-recorded high-definition videos so you can enjoy the flexibility to advance through the curriculum at your own convenience and pace.


“It was a very positive experience. I had some experience working in digital marketing (self-taught) but this program helped me fill in the gaps. It’s a program very rich in information and I like that the people teaching it are highly experienced. Definitely this will help me to execute my marketing strategy in a more successful way. ”