In this important step you will learn to sustain and enhance service excellence. You will operationalize service goals and hardwire accountability across the organization.

Included in this step are two training options:

Make Service your Advantage by Building a Strong Service System

Suitable for: All leaders (supervisory level & up)

Option A: Facilitated live workshop

Building on the first two workshops, you will review the 3 Steps to Service Excellence. You will go deep into systems required to make service your advantage in all parts of the organization.

In this facilitated workshop you will operationalize service goals using the Implementation Roadmap, templates and tools: You will set Wildly Important Goals, set lead and lag service metrics, think about redesigning processes and HR systems to build a cohesive service system for better results.

To hardwire accountability, you will learn how to coach individuals and build an organization-wide coaching system. A coaching framework is introduced and role-plays are used to highlight how to engage employees and increase performance.

Key takeaways:

  • A custom plan to create cohesive systems that drive employee engagement and differentiates itself through service.
  • The understanding that systems and leadership need to be aligned to drive the service culture.
  • The role of coaching; how to make the most out of the feedback process to effectively engage employees and build accountability

Workshop duration: 2 x 6 hours

Option B: Online training

Building on the live workshop, you will have opportunity to go deeper into the content and follow guidance on

  • How to customize implementation plans and tools to build cohesive systems within your organisation
  • Run a coaching program, and
  • Prepare for meetings with your leaders and teams.

Through discussion forums, you will be able to celebrate milestones and seek advice on potential challenges in the implementation process.

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