What are the 3Rs?

Science shows that customers are looking for 3 things in every interaction. These can be summarized in the 3 service values: be reliable, be responsive and build relationships.

What is the right order of the 3Rs?

Research into customer service means not only that service can be broken down into the 3Rs but also that they come in a particular order.

The Service Leadership program is built on these 3 simple and effective values to guide the behaviour of employees.

Moments of Power

Moments of Power are principles which – when implemented – enable you to deliver on the 3Rs and deliver great service consistently.

By understanding these 4 moments and acting on them when they arise, organizations increase the probability that customers will return, refer and recommend. Moments of Power are based on research on social psychology, behavioural science, psychology, neuroscience and business.

Power of Context

Gives you insights into how to change someone’s experience by restructuring what they think, feel, or see.

Power of Expertise

It’s about the employee who owns the customer experience, and who is always reliable and responsive.

Power of Relationships

It’s about how to personalize the experience.

Power of Problem Handling

It explores the impact of problem handling and how to handle customer problems successfully.