This step will generate leadership commitment to service, a service audit and a high level execution plan. To kick-off the process, leaders attend

Live Workshop

“Create a Service Organization that Shows Results”

Suitable for: Leaders

This executive-style workshop provides you with key insights on

  • How to kick off the transformational journey to make service your advantage – includes the discussion of an impactful customer-centric strategy, the audit of your current service systems, culture and voice of the customer.
  • Power of Context – human behavior is sensitive to and strongly influenced by its environment and other conditions that help (or hinder) people understand the situation they are in.
  • The Implementation Roadmap: Steps in building and maintaining a robust service organization.

You will learn about 3SX – 3 Steps to Service Excellence – UVic’s approach to building a strong service system based on clearly defined goals, metrics, processes, HR systems and Coaching as a key leadership initiative to develop employees, sustain their engagement and achieve superior performance through accountability.

Workshop duration:
6 hours

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