Let’s talk! Connect with Eddie at 250-216-3776 or email eisted@uvic.ca. We customize all programs to our clients’ needs. The program will be valuable to all participants whether they provide internal or external service.

None! The program will be valuable to all team members whether they provide internal or external service regardless of their education level, role or sector. The program offers 3 levels of learning components. That way you ensure that all team members will have the same foundation and use the same language which is essential when you create a lasting service culture. If you don’t have a team, you should still connect with with Eddie at 250-216-3776 or email eisted@uvic.ca

You tell us! We customize the program to your needs. To have true impact, we recommend a combination of live workshops and online learning. We equip you with the knowledge, roadmap and tools to build a service culture that drives results. We will accompany you on this journey for how long you need us.

For a program overview, download the Service Leadership Program flat sheet.

You decide! We travel to our clients within BC, Canada or internationally. The content is also available online. Most clients prefer a combination of face-to-face workshops backed up by online learning.

The cost depends on your priorities and needs. Check our programs and connect with Eddie at 250-216-3776 or email eisted@uvic.ca We will create a custom package for you. The Canadian government supports this training. Get informed and apply for a job grant. 

You will have access to a pool of service and leadership experts: The main presenter and consultant is Dr. Mark Colgate. He is holding live workshops, oversees online learning and all implementation modules. Depending on your preferences and needs other faculty, service and leadership experts will hold workshops and work with you. The program’s Account Executive, Eddie Isted, is course specialist with 10+ years experience in executive and team education.

Absolutely. Connect with with Eddie at 250-216-3776 or email eisted@uvic.ca. Whenever possible, we will arrange for you to attend a face-to-face workshop.

Dr. Mark Colgate, Professor for Service Excellence at the University of Victoria’s Gustavson School of Business wrote two books, “The Science of Service” and “8 Moments of Power in Coaching”. Not only did he research psychological and management principles to develop a longstanding service culture but he also implemented it at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. In 2014, the Gustavson School of Business partnered with the Whistler Chamber of Commerce to bring the program to a whole community. Guest ratings confirm that overall satisfaction scores have gone up throughout these years in spite of a labour shortage.

Additionally, a team of faculty, service and leadership experts will be available to work with you.

Yes. The Program is offered by the University of Victoria’s Gustavson School of Business.

UVic is a highly regarded, award-winning educational institution:

  1. We are one of Canada’s leading business schools focusing on Service Excellence.
  2. We help you build a customer-centric organization: we give you control of the content, process and tools to make an impact on employees, customers and financial results.
  3. We bring Executive Education to all levels of your organization to foster employee engagement, ownership and collective thinking for better and more consistent service.

Yes. Participants receive Certificates of Completion for individual workshops and the full program.

This program redefines Executive Education: it is designed to create new opportunities for organizations and solve challenges in the workplace. It can be customized to your needs. It includes every team member and focuses on implementation rather than exams. This is why participants cannot receive credits towards a degree.

In UVic’s Service Leadership Program the employee comes first:

The employee has to be properly trained, empowered, coached and incentivized to deliver on the 3Rs consistently. With the right mindset, tools and SMART goals, they can create the desired experiences for colleagues and customers.

For example, The Whistler Experience – the Service Leadership Program in the Whistler resort – uses the tagline: To elevate your service, first elevate your people.

This program doesn’t differentiate between external and internal customers. This program builds on the foundation that providing great service to colleagues is as essential as serving customers.

Depending on the sector or nature of an organization, external customers purchase products or services from the organization and might be called clients, guests, members, patients or something else.

Internal customers are team members, colleagues, peers, managers – individuals who directly or indirectly work for the organization.

Suppliers can also be regarded as “customers” as you compete for their attention and best deals.