International Summer Institute for Business Management

  • International Summer Institute for Business Management

    New dates for 2021: July 4-27 and August 2-22, 2021

International Summer Institute for Business Management

Enhance your business education, improve your English language skills, and prepare for your future business success in an engaging and fun international learning environment.

Program Modules

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Program Highlights

Study Business Management
Earn credits while studying Business Communications, Entrepreneurship, Service Management and International Business in the Canadian setting.

Experience Canada (and Victoria)
The program offers a wide range of inclusive activities like whale watching, sightseeing and sociocultural events, all in one of Canada’s most sought after destinations, Victoria, BC.

Meet New Friends, and Network!
Students come from all over the world to attend the ISIBM. During the program you will make new friends and network with future business professionals and leaders on a daily basis.

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Business Communication

International Business, Entrepreneurship & Service Management


  • Open to all undergraduate and graduate students
  • Two summer options to choose from: four-week program in July, and a three-week program in August
  • Each program contains two modules: Business Communications; and International Business, Entrepreneurship and Service Management
  • Taught by award-winning professors at the Gustavson School of Business
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion and Grade Letter
  • Equivalent to 6.0 North American credit hours of course work (credit revalidation is the responsibility of the student’s home institution)
  • Scholarship opportunities available, inquire for details
  • Engaging university teaching style and fun activities


Jul. 4–27 Program $4,800 + 5% GST

Deposit: $600 + 5% GST
Registration Deadline: June 11, 2021

Aug. 2–22 Program $4,650 + 5% GST

Deposit: $500 + 5% GST
Registration Deadline: July 2, 2021

I enjoyed the ISIBM so much...

“I enjoyed the ISIBM so much. Studying at UVic, making international friends and joining exciting activities gave me valuable experiences and memories. I gained a lot from the program.”

Li Txz Yan (Ellie), Hong Kong

“I have created so many long-lasting friendships in and out of the program. The program has helped me to grow and improve in different subject areas and I became more confident concerning my personal talents and skills. University was never as much fun as it was in Victoria and I’ll never forget the wonderful time I had! Hugs from Germany!”

Sabrina Karmann, Germany

“It has been a challenging experience and an opportunity to develop cross-cultural awareness. Moreover thanks to the class activities I have improved my public speaking skills. In addition ISIBM is a great opportunity to learn something more about Canada and British Columbia in particular thanks to the class and extra activities.”

Licia Frega, Italy

“It was an enjoyable experience and great working with some smart world class professors. The coordinators were amazing and very well informed about the city. They planned very enjoyable activities throughout the program. In general I would recommend this program to any serious business or management student. Definitely the best summer program on the west coast of Canada.”

Pauline Migosi, Africa

“I think going to this program was an amazing experience, it is an all in one program in which you will learn a lot but also get to know the city and make new friends. At the University of Victoria, the people are very nice and kind, our coordinators were excellent at their jobs and I would love to repeat the experience.”

Maria Jose Islas Chavez, Mexico

“Like every international student, I was scared and confused about living and studying in an unfamiliar country before I got here, but all considerations were gone after I met our fantastic coordinators, knowledgeable professors, friendly local volunteers and other awesome diverse exchange students! Speaking of our routine, we usually had classes from 8:30 a.m. till 4 p.m. in a well-equipped auditorium with a lunch break in between, and ISIBM scheduled us to explore the beautiful city, like whale watching and hiking, in our spare time. Moreover, the professors at UVic business school lived up to their reputation of leading one of the best business schools in Canada, and all the content they taught that was related to business is still useful for me. I’m so glad I joined the ISIBM program and it definitely changed my career and my whole life.”

Aubrey Zhou

“One of the best summers ever! It is amazing how much I gained and how many friends I made there… Miss them all!”

Alexander Kim, Korea

Victoria, BC City of Gardens

Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia, Canada and is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island off Canada’s Pacific coast. The city is the 15th most populous Canadian metro region. Sometimes Victoria is called “a bit of Old England” because of its beautiful gardens and British-influenced architecture. It is easily accessible by air and sea from Vancouver (east) and the US (south), and the rest of the world. It is an attractive city and a world famous tourism destination which has a large non-local student population who come to attend the University of Victoria and other local institutions.

You will discover a rich and well-preserved heritage, a thriving arts and entertainment centre and, with Canada’s most temperate climate, year- round outdoor recreation. So, whatever your interest – education, career or lifestyle – Victoria offers an abundance of opportunities.

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