Increase your focus, competence and self-confidence as a leader

Today’s organizations are looking for tomorrow’s leadership team, and project managers make great leaders! As an experienced PM, the next step in your career could very well take you to the senior leadership level. But how do you get there? What will it take to get you ready for this next level? How can you move from a management position to one of senior leadership within your industry or elsewhere? This three-day workshop will give participants a solid understanding of the three key elements that PMs need to embrace to become  great leaders.

David Barrett, National Program Director for the Centre for Excellence in Project Management, provides and overview of the 3 day (6 half-day when virtual) Leading Beyond Projects course.

Learn with peers across Canada.

This program is delivered simultaneously across Canada by the University Executive Education Network partner schools allowing you to interact, engage and network with peers from a huge variety of industries and experience.

Learn the three critical skills that will allow you to leverage your PM experience and prepare you for a move into senior leadership within your industry or elsewhere:

1) Strategic thinking and planning,
2) Business acumen for thinking beyond projects and
3) Communication skills that inspire confidence

Participants will come away from the program inspired to reach to the next level, and armed with a new road-map for their careers — their own professional strategic plan to guide them on the journey to senior leadership.

Top Take-Aways

• Familiarity with the strategic planning process
• Increased awareness of the factors that guide and impact strategic thinking
• Strategic options and mechanisms for choosing the right course of action
• Key business leadership mindset questions to ask
• Systematic ways to identify and assess key business problems and opportunities
• Critical thinking skills using proven leadership tools and techniques.
• Improved efficiency and effectiveness when planning and implementing change initiatives
• Communicating with authority
• How to ensure you build your on-the job credibility
• Understand the art and science of modern decision-making techniques
• Present thoughtful, organized messages to connect and persuade your listeners

Strategy and Strategic Thinking

Learn the tools and frameworks for strategic decision-making. Cultivate a systematic way of thinking that enables you to develop comprehensive answers to key questions.

• Strategy vs. Business Model
• The Strategic Management Process
• External and Internal Environment Analysis
• Choosing the Right Strategy(ies)

Developing Your Business Acumen
– Thinking Beyond Projects

Develop a CEO mindset that considers a wider scope. Learn the essential concepts, tools, techniques and skills needed to manage the entire business.

• Taking an inventory of your business acumen
• Identifying the business problem / opportunity
• Techniques to think strategically and critically
• Planning and implementing change

Communicating Like a Leader

Connect with stakeholders, customers, team members, senior management teams, sponsors and more by developing your own professional and thoughtful communication style.

• Presentation skills to differentiate you
• Writing skills for connecting with people
• Influencing and being heard – the first time
• Communication techniques to ensure your messages are understood and compelling

Leadership in Action

Leading effectively (colleagues, clients, and stakeholders as well as leadership, staff and management) is the key to taking your business initiatives to higher success levels.

• Develop effective leadership strategies
• Decision-making techniques that gain buy-in
• Connect with others to build a solid network
• Assess your leadership style’s credibility

Leading Beyond Projects

Strategy and Strategic Thinking

This module provides an in-depth coverage of the tools and frameworks that are useful in strategic decision making at the various managerial levels of the organization. The development of a systematic way of thinking that enables you to develop comprehensive answers to these questions is a key objective of this course.

  • What is Strategy?
  • Strategy vs. Business Model
  • Hierarchy of Strategies
  • Strategic Management Process
  • Vision, Mission & Values
  • External Environment Analysis
  • Internal Environment Analysis
  • Choosing the Right Strategy(ies)
  • Final Project: Putting it All Together

Developing Your Business Acumen – Thinking Beyond Projects

Effective leaders need to think beyond the triple constraints of project management to be successful. They need to develop a CEO mindset that considers a wider scope. This session provides project professionals with the essential concepts, tools, techniques, and skills needed to manage the business beyond the project for successful outcomes.

This module has been developed based on contemporary trends in the business environment: the need to align business management decisions with the organizational vision and values; assessing business problems and opportunities using a deliberate strategic thinking process; change leadership trends and ways to manage resistance and increase commitment to achieve the desired business outcomes.

This session promises a strategic business leadership framework beyond the triple constraints of projects that will enable high-potential leaders learn and apply the fundamentals to succeed.

  • Identifying one’s “Business Acumen”
  • Taking an Inventory of Your Business Acumen
  • Identifying the business problem or opportunity
  • Thinking strategically as a business leader
  • Applying Critical Thinking Techniques
  • Making wise business decisions
  • Planning and Implementing Change
  • Overcoming Resistance and Gaining Commitment

Communicating Like a Leader

Managers and leaders at all levels of our organizations need to be great communicators. In fact, poor communication skills is one of the top factors that can hold you back from a senior promotion within your organization. Project managers and project leaders need to be great communicators.

Stakeholders, customers, team members, senior management teams, sponsors and more all require a special and unique touch and approach to the way we communicate with them.

This module will allow us to fine tune our communication skills in all areas of our professional and even personal lives.

  • Presentation Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Decision Making
  • Selling and influencing
  • Storytelling
  • Connecting with People
  • Listening skills

The program is designed for individuals with prior experience in the discipline of project management, including:

  • Project Management professionals
  • Graduates of the MCPM or similar programs
  • Those undertaking unique projects
  • PMPs

Course tuition for the Leading Beyond Projects course includes:

  • course materials and certificate

$2047.50 ($1950 plus G.S.T.)

Team Savings:

  • Save 10% per registrant with a group registration: 3 or more people from the same organisation registering at the same time.
  • Seating is limited so register today! Please fill out the online registration form and select 10% group discount as the payment option.

*Discounts cannot be combined with any other discount or special offer.

A full refund can be issued for written cancellations received a minimum of 21 days before the program start date. Cancellations received with less than 21 days notice will be refunded less a $200 administration fee.

Wissam AlHussaini, PhD,

Wissam holds a PhD in Strategic management and is a winner of the “Excellence in Teaching” award. Over the years, Wissam has designed and delivered numerous training programs for major companies all over the world, including the United Nations, Koodo-Mastercom, Chevron-Philips, and MasterCard, among others. He currently teaches leadership and strategy at the Schulich School of Business in key graduate programs.

In 2016 he received the prestigious “Excellence in Teaching” award at the American University of Beirut for his impact and inspiration on the executive, graduate and undergraduate students. Wissam is a founding member and vice-president of strategy for the Canadian Business Strategy Association (CSBA) which aims to provide a knowledge portal for Canadian business strategists.

Diana Kawarsky

Diana Kawarsky specializes in business communications for Schulich’s Executive Education Centre, York University. In addition, she is a facilitator, adult educator, coach and management consultant with Fortune 500 companies throughout North America. Her experience spans nearly 20 years.

Diana is a specialist in facilitating learning for professionals to hone their interpersonal and intrapersonal skill sets; topics include, business writing, customer service skills, presentation skills, leadership development, management effectiveness, productivity skills, storytelling and creative thinking and problem solving. To date, Diana has worked with more than 20,000 business professionals, effectively improving their management communications skills to achieve higher impact results.

Haniyeh Yousofpour

Haniyeh Yousofpour is an award-winning, Harvard-educated business professor and consultant with a passion in organizational change management, influential negotiation and effective utilization of human capital. Yousofpour is a multiple award-winning educator teaching in full-time and part-time Master of Business Administration and Executive Education Programs. In addition to her teaching, Yousofpour has founded a consulting firm providing various integrative management consulting services to multinational Fortune 500 companies.

Yousofpour’s integrative and distinctive approach, focusing on self and other awareness, and thorough assessment of the environmental and organizational culture, goals, resources and limitations, enables her to provide customized and attainable solutions scalable to diverse range of clients and situations. Building on the same philosophy she has an effective approach to negotiation and conflict resolution and has led multiple negotiation deals with various global organizations (e.g. AMEX, GE, Xerox, Sodexo to name a few) to reduce cost and improve organizational performance.

Project Management Professional Development Units (PDUs)

Earning your PMI certification is a big step, maintaining it doesn’t have to be. Attendees to this program are entitled to 21 Professional Development Units (PDUs) from the Project Management Institute (PMI) ® upon completion.

Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC)  Professional Development Hours (PDHs) 

Attendees to this program are entitled to 21 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) verified by the Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC).

Human Resource Professionals Association (HRPA)

Better HR Makes Business Better

This program has also been approved for CDP hours under Section A of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Log of the Human Resource Professionals Association (HRPA). Be sure to note the program ID number on your CPD log. For more information about certification or continuing professional development, visit the HRPA website at

“I loved Dr. Haniyeh Yousofpour! Her style was great, as this was a lot to cover in six hours. It was brief, yet well explained. Made me want more!”

“Very solid instructor. Super interesting and made the content fun and easy to understand. Challenged the class to think strategically.”